The TLR AERO 45's are a great choice for road riders who presently don't have the budget for an ELITE R.45 wheel set.
They feature a rim depth of 45mm and an aerodynamic "U"shaped profile.

AERO prices are reduced through the use of TLR branded Bitex hubs.  For an inexpensive hub the Bitex model is light, reliable and fast - so a good choice for a lower priced wheel.

AERO wheels come in either rim brake or disk brake configuration.
If you are using rim brakes, the high temperature brake track and high performance Swissstop brake pads stop you safely and don't damage your wheels.

AERO series carbon clincher race wheels are 26mm wide.
The 26mm wheel gives the option of fitting a 23mm, 25mm or 28mm tyre with each size having it's own advantages.

For most applications our recommendation is to go with a 23mm tyre as this size gives the optimal aerodynamic advantage.  Additionally, when using this setup the tyre has a flatter radius when fitted and this gives slightly more road contact for better grip and a much more solid feel on the road without sideways tyre "bulge" movement.

NOTE. Some older bike frames have problems fitting a 26mm wheel so please check your frame before proceeding to purchase. 


Description & Features

Rims: 700c 45mm, clincher, 26mm wide rim.
Brake track: High temperature brake surface. (on rim brake model)
Hubs: TLR stencilled "Bitex" hub, black. (257g/pair)
Cassette Body:  Shimano 8.9.10. 11sp. / Campagnolo 9.10.11sp.  (12 speed available special order)
Spokes: Sapim CX-ray, black.
Nipples: Sapim Sils (black)
Lace: Standard, radial front, radial rear non-drive side.2X drive side.
Weight: 1450g/set +/-20g,
Additional parts:

1 set of Titanium skewers,
2 pairs of high performance Swissstop brake pads.
Rim tape
Cluster spacer


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