AERO Series Wheels: 'C50 Aero' Clincher. (50mm rim)


The C50 Aero's are a favourite choice for road riders.
They feature a dish depth of 50mm and an aerodynamic "U"shaped profile.

"Aero" series carbon clincher race wheels are available in both 23mm and 25mm widths.
The 23mm wide wheels fit a 23mm tyre well, providing great aerodynamic air flow over the side of the wheel and a solid feel on the road.
The 25mm wheel gives the option of fitting a 23mm or 25mm tyre with each tyre having it's own advantages.

Wider rims mean the tyre has a flatter radius when fitted and this gives slightly more road contact for better grip and a much more solid feel on the road without sideways tyre "bulge" movement.

The 50mm profile makes this a great all-round wheel choice for a Time Trial, Triathlon or any types of road and crit racing.
For a smaller person who could be blown around by side winds these are a great choice.
If you are a small  person who wants a setup for a TT bike talk to us about matching a 50mm front with a 60mm rear for a custom TT Combo.

All TLR wheels feature a ceramic hub and sealed bearings to improve performance as well as a high temperature brake track and high performance Swissstop brake pads to improve durability.

These features make this a quality set of wheels at a reasonable price.

NOTE. The 25mm wide X25 Elite series wheels are not suitable for all bikes as the frame may not allow a wheel of this width to fit.  Please check this before proceeding to purchase.


Description & Features

Rims: 700c 50mm, clincher, 23mm wide rim.
Brake track: High temperature brake surface.
Hubs: ED Ceramic hub, black. (257g/pair)
Cassette Body:  Shimano 8.9.10. 11sp. / Campagnolo 9.10.11sp.
Spokes: Sapim CX-ray, black.
Nipples: Sapim Sils (black)
Lace: Standard, radial front, radial rear non-drive side.2X drive side.
Weight: 1347g/set +/-20g,
Additional parts: 1 set of Titanium skewers,
2 pairs of high performance Swissstop brake pads.


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