TLR Race Wheels is a growing carbon bike wheel brand based in Brisbane, Australia.  Our products are designed to be stylish, offering value for money while retaining quality.   We supply wheels for road, time trial/triathlon and track applications.

NOTE:  2019 / 2020 Clearance

 We are ready to roll out our 2021 upgrades and need to update our stock.
We are selling off 10 sets of display and ex-rental wheels.
The full list and record of what is sold is available on our Facebook page.
Full list here


TLR Race Wheel Rentals has been operating since 2013 and gives people the opportunity to race on carbon wheels at a fraction of the purchase cost. If you are interested in this option, check out the site and book a pair of race wheels for your next big race. 

Have you been looking at wheels and are still wondering why you would bother investing in a set of carbon race wheels?
Check out our guide "The 11 reasons to give your partner when justifying the purchase of carbon wheels"

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