Race Wheel Rentals - 2. Wheel Selection

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TLR R.55/R.80 TT Combos

TLR R.45 UCI Pair

Current model TLR R.55/R.80 TT Combo wheels!

This TT combo has a 55mm front and 80mm rear wheels with clincher tyres.

These are the new top of the range TLR TT / Triathlon wheels.

(There are a couple of 70mm fronts available for strong cyclists)

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 Crit and Road Racers, Elite Triathletes.
This is the set you need!

If you are racing an event or category that requires UCI approved wheels then these R.45's are the wheels you are looking for.

These wheels have been specially added to the rentals for the Junior ITU triathlon athletes who need UCI approved wheels to race the series.

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$190 per week

$180 per week

TLR Lightning Disc wheels
(...with front)

TLR Lightning Disc
(Rear only)

The ultimate in TT / Triathlon performance!
A TLR road disc matched with a deep dish front wheel gives the ultimate in performance.

All rental Lightning Discs have Clincher tyres.

When hiring the disc we help you choose an appropriate front wheel from a selection of fronts ranging from 45mm - 70mm and 5-spoke full carbon.

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Instantly add 1 - 2.5 km/hr to your speed!

Have your own carbon wheels and want to just hire a disc?
No problems, we can hook you up with this.


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$200 per week

$120 per week


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