About TLR Race Wheels

The TLR business is technically 'TLR Performance' and is a Brisbane based carbon wheel brand. Our aim is to make carbon race wheels available for both professional and amateur cyclists and triathletes. 
Our products are designed to be stylish and at the same time offer value for money while retaining quality.

TLR Race Wheel Rentals
The goal of TLR is to make owning a set of race wheels affordable for everyone however sometimes financial priorities mean that set of race wheels has to wait for a while. To meet this need TLR have set up the  TLR Race Wheel Rentals business to give people the opportunity to race on some super quick carbon wheels without the expense of purchase.
Check out the TLR Race Wheel Rental section.


Sponsored Athletes

TLR is excited to be sponsoring a growing number of athletes ranging from beginners through to professional athletes.
Check out some of their profiles on the Sponsored athlete page

Colin at a Raby Bay Triathlon

TLR Performance 
ABN: 33 836 749 160
Post: PO Box 89, Mansfield, QLD, Australia
Mob: 0423 032 387


Meet the team

 Colin has been a keen cyclist, runner and triathlete for over 25 years and he knows the sports inside-out. He manages TLR and focuses on products. 

Megan has an eye for style and is quick to keep TLR on the right track. She is a talented photographer and "internet researcher".

Colin & Megan's daughters; Amanda & Emma, have been involved in the brand over the years doing design and market research.

Matthew is a very keen cyclist and knows everything there is to know about bikes. His favourite job is looking for new products to add to the range.

Craig is a keen triathlete and our "Test Pilot.  He tests our products at a range of events and can also be found in the expo tent at many of these races.

Mark is a long time cycling road and crit. racer. He raced Semi-pro in the 90's during which time he medalled at the QLD track titles. He is the TLR technical go-to-guy for all things cycling.

Dawn is an ever supportive fan for all the events we enter and she keeps the quality of the TLR websites high with her editing ability.


'TLR' Background

We have used the acronym 'TLR' for many years as an abbreviation to 'Team Leeson Racing' and it has been used in the family as a team name for entry to various events. 

When we were considering logo's for the wheels and the name for this business we kept coming back to the TLR acronym.  We initially ran a few workshops to come up with an alternative meaning for the acronym and ended up deciding to leave it as Team Leeson Racing.
If they ask, we usually tell customers that they are welcome to come up with their own meaning for TLR.