TLR 'Elite' Series Carbon Race Wheels

Welcome to the Next Generation 'Elite' series wheels.
We are very excited about this product and know you will be impressed too. 

We have utilised a range of new technologies to build the new series including:

  • Computer controlled carbon weaving to improve roundness, stability and strength while reducing defects.
  • Diamond polishing treatment on the brake surface giving better braking in wet and dry conditions and increasing brake temperatures to 250 degrees.
  • Dynamic Balance Treatment to offset valve / extender weight.
  • CNC spoke hole drilling for straighter, stronger spokes.

We have added some new carbon weave patterns to the range including the unique "Wasp" pattern on our new R.45 UCI certified race wheels.  Speaking of UCI Certification;  Having the R.45 wheels now listed on the UCI complied wheels register is a big step forward for the TLR Race Wheel brand and we are very excited about it.

Elite wheels still feature the upgraded DT Swisse 240s Straightpull Hubs and can be further upgraded to Chris King hubs if required.

Elite wheels are 25mm wide and come in depths of 45mm, 55mm & 80mm. (with the 55mm front and 80mm rear being our new TT combo)  We are gauging interest in the addition of a 70mm wheel to the range - let us know what you think.

Our new Elite wheels are also tubeless* tyre compatible and are supplied with a bag of valve hole plugs should you wish to use tubeless tyres.
*tubeless = no tube in a clincher tyre as opposed to tubular - BTW we can supply tubular style wheels in all sizes as a custom order and the R.45's are UCI certified as Tubulars and Clinchers.

NOTE. These wheels are available in disk brake versions.Contact us to discus your requirements.