FAQ1 What tyre pressure should I use in my carbon rims?

A. The following tables give recommended pressure for Clincher and Tubular rims:

Recommended tire pressure by weight for clincher tyres

Rider weight Front psi Rear psi
Less than 58kg 107 (7.38) 110 (7.58)
58 - 68kg 112 (7.72) 116 (8.00)
68 - 79kg 115 (7.93) 119 (8.20)
79 - 92kg 118 (8.14) 122 (8.41)
Over 92kg's 122 (8.41) 125 (8.62)

DO NOT exceed 125psi / 8.6bar


Recommended tyre pressure by weight for tubular tires

Rider weight Front psi Rear psi
Less than 58kg 108 (7.45) 112 (7.72)
58 - 68kg 114 (7.86) 118 (8.13)
68 - 79kg 121 (8.34) 126 (8.68)
79 - 92kg 130 (9) 135 (9.31)
Over 92kg's 140 (9.72) 145 (10)

DO NOT exceed 145psi / 10bar

It is recommended that tyres be deflated to below 100 PSI after riding to minimize strain on the rim and possible fatigue and warping over time.

  FAQ2 What is the recommended maximum weight for specific wheel sizes?

A. The recommended maximum weights are as follows:

  • 95kgs for 38mm profile rim
  • 100kgs for 50mm profile rim
  • 105kgs for 60mm profile rim
  • 110kgs for 88mm profile rim
   FAQ3 What brake pads should I use with my carbon rims?

A. Carbon wheels have a Basalt braking surface which require special brake pads.
A regular brake pad designed for aluminum wheels will generate too much heat when used on carbon wheels and heat is the enemy of Carbon wheels

TLR wheels are supplied with high performance SwissStop brake pads which work very effectively while dispersing heat at the same time.

Models for replacement of the brake pads supplied with your new TLR wheels include

  • SwissStop yellow pads
  • Bontrager cork pads 
   FAQ4 What is the correct brake mounting position?​

A.  Brake pads should be mounted so the top of the brake pad is 5 mm down from the top of the wheel. The braking area is about 11 mm. 


   FAQ5 Is there anything special I should do with my new wheels?​

A. New wheels and brake pads should be run-in over about 200 km.
During this run-in time long descents and heavy braking should be avoided. 

  FAQ6 Where do babies come from?​
    A. TLR does not know the answer to this question.
  FAQ7 ?​
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