Collection: AERO Series Carbon Race Wheels

The TLR AERO series wheels offer a cost saving alternative to the flagship ELITE series wheel sets.

Price is reduced through the use of a TLR branded Bitex hub.  For an inexpensive hub the Bitex model is light, reliable and fast so a good choice for a lower priced wheel.

AERO wheels come with a white logo and are available to suit rim or disc brakes.

The rims are the same technology as the ELITE wheels and are also 26mm wide.  They have wheel depths of 45mm, 55mm & 80mm. (with the 55mm front and 80mm rear being the standard TT combo).

TLR wheels are Clinchers with tubeless* tyre compatibility and can be purchased with an optional set of valve hole plugs should you wish to use tubeless tyres.
*tubeless = no tube in a clincher tyre as opposed to tubular.
FYI we can supply tubular style wheels in all sizes as a custom order.